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Strategic planning of marketing investments

Printed matter and related technical production of paper, plastic, acrylic, foil, textile, etc.

Graphic development and adjustment of logos, graphics, image processing & editing

Trade fair items, clothing, eastern productions and campaign supporting elements

Design and production of brochures, advertisements, stationery, flyers, posters, flags, banners, visual decoration etc.

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About Hello Parrot

An experienced advertising and production company.

Advertising, design and production

Hello Parrot is an advertising and production agency with a focus on graphic tasks - development, design and printing as well as shopping and special productions of all kinds. With the founder's Charlotte Jersild 20 years of experience in Copenhagen's advertising industry, we can guarantee that there are good ideas in stock and that all tasks are bound to be solved. We look forward to helping you effectively brainstorm a new view of your company's marketing as well as business opportunities based on the idea that we must break some market conventions and think a little outside the box to ensure successful and innovative message delivery to your target audience.

Thoroughness above all

We think the process through, from start to finish, so that every detail is considered, whether in print technical optimization, overview of costs, package specifications or final delivery. Regardless of job size or budget, it is absolutely essential to us that everything is sent out our door having been checked and approved as well as having followed the best technical and graphic practices.

Reasonable prices and fast delivery

With a large and professional network in design, artwork and production, we can ensure that the service(s) will be purchased for the right price, and that things will be ready on time. All projects are budgeted carefully so as to guarantee the smoothest process before starting them. At Hello Parrot, we have chosen to keep the hourly rates on the low end and what you have paid for is always visibly reasonable, as apparent in the outcome.


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